Slot Machines from Every Corner of the World

The motherland of slot machines is the USA, where Charles Fey invented the first slot about 120 years ago. The slots were introduced for women, who were waiting for their companions playing casino games. However, few years later casinos realized that slot machines were the most profitable games for houses. It was the start point for slots popularity all over the world and in different countries they gained various names. For instance, in Australia slots are called pokie games or video pokies, in the UK they are called fruit machines. All slot machines share the same rules; however there can be slight differences.

Australian Pokie Games

Officially named as Gaming Machines slots are called as "pokies" or "poker machines". The name originates from the first slot machines that were based on the game poker. Aussies traditionally changed the word poker for pokies. Pokie games were forbidden in Australia for a long time and only in the middle of XX century the games were legalized.

The pokie games are like traditional US slots. Commonly, they are 5-reeled video machines with second-screen and additional bonusing features, like bonus levels and free games. Games have multiple lines, number of which reaches 50, and up to 243 multiple ways.

You can find pokie games in casinos, pubs and social, sports and RLS clubs. The laws governing gambling pokies in Australia vary from state to state. Slot machines have different payout percentage depending on the location.

Fruit Machines

In the UK slots are known as fruit machines or Amusement with Prize - AWP. Commonly, fruit machines own 3 or 6 drums with 16-24 symbols of fruit. When certain combination hits the player gets a reward or plays subgames. Fruit machines have features that increase chances for winning. However, fruit machines' jackpots are strictly limited.

Fruit machines can be found at casinos as well as in pubs, arcades, clubs and take-away food shop. This kind of slots is quite popular in Europe especially in Russia, the Czech Republic and Ukraine.

American Slots

In the USA the gambling at slot machines is strictly regulated by the law that varies in each state. The only state where slots are totally allowed is Nevada. Slot machines can be found everywhere in the USA, sometimes even in unexpected places, like riverboats, anchored barges, horse tracks etc.

There are two classes of slot machines: Class II and Class III. Slots of Class III operate are not connected with a centralized computer, so the chances for winning are the same each game. Slots of Class II are called VLTs or Video Lottery Terminals are linked to a centralized computer that defines the result of each wager.

Japanese Pachisuro

Pachisuros have many unique features that distinct them from other slot games. The main difference is that the players stop the reels by pushing the button. There are also such features, like "Renchan", "Stock" and "Tenjoh". Due to these options the player's odds are high.