Have clear objectives

Whether you are playing for money or simply for fun, it is essential that you have your objectives set beforehand. Even if you are playing just for fun, make sure that you fix a budget which you intend to spend in the game. Make sure that you do not cross that limit.

Don't get carried away by a Jackpot

Try your luck at a nickel or penny slot machine, which will let you play for a longer period of time. Do not get carried away by those high-end games that promise big jackpots. You might simply be disappointed.

Know your move

A lot of people stick to playing in a particular slot machine for hours. Once you get any good hit, play a few more times and quit. You should go with your gut feelings, to know when to quit.

Manage Your Money

You should stick to coins as it lasts for a longer period of time. Avoid playing with your credit card, as you may easily be lured into making excessive debts. Avoiding debts beforehand is better than regretting later on. Things are certainly different if you are one of the "rich moguls".

Understand the payoff of the machine

Playing in a slot machine requires you to observe the outcomes and the payout of the slot machines in question. This will help you to avoid disappointments later on as you will know exactly which machines to avoid.

Collect your Dough

After you win, make sure that you collect the entire amount of the winnings. Sometimes machines pay a certain amount while the rest is given by the attendant. In whichever way you get it make sure that you collect all of it!

Being Lucky

Luck is undoubtedly a key factor in determining the fate of the player. If you do manage to win a big sum of money, then you probably have lady luck by your side!