What are One-Armed Bandits?

Created for entertaining wives and girlfriends while their men were playing the favorite casino games slot machines have captured all casinos and today are the most playable games in the world of gambling. Slots can be found almost in any place where the law allows gambling: pubs, bars, hotels, restaurants etc.

A lot of gamblers appear to be like travellers on vacation who play slots to get fun, while others visit casinos almost every day and insert their money into machines hoping to win great rewards. Although, player odds of slots are not very high, there are still chances to get profit by using slot tips and strategies. So, why do slot machines attract crowds of people from all over the world?

Goal of the Game

The aim of slot games is quite simple: you need to get the combination of certain symbols in one row that is listed in the pay table. There can be different combinations that give various rewards. If you play multi-line slot machines a winning combination will be counted on condition the line is activated.

Rules for Slots

That is rules why slot machines are so popular among gamblers. Slot machines are games of chance not a strategic or knowledge, so there are no long sheets of rules. You choose a machine, insert a coin or token, pull a lever or push a button, and then it comes up to the fortune. If you are lucky, you will win, if not - try another time. Rules are almost the same for all slots existing in the world.


We have already mentioned that slot machines differ from each other by the number of coins you need to insert to start the game. There are nickel, penny, quarter, dollar slots and machines that need several banknotes. Sometimes you have to insert one coin, sometimes three or even five coins to activate the reels.

There are multi-line slots, which have more than 1 pay-line up to 25 and even more. It is not necessary to activate all lines, but in this case you will not be given the highest reward if you win and winning combination can appear on an inactive line, so you will miss the fortune. It is recommended to choose slot with the denomination that suits your bankroll in order to play for a long time period and get fun from the game.