The Best Strategies for All Types of Slots

Slot machines gained popularity due to many factors, like simple rules, interesting themes, high payout percentage, etc. Despite the fact that payback percentage of slots is higher than of any other casino table game, the odds for players are still low. In order to increase your winning potential, you should follow slot tips and strategies, we have listed below. There is no the best strategy for slots as it depends on the type of slot machine.

Best Strategy for Basic Slots

We recommend you to start gambling slot machines with basic versions. They are known as "flat tops" or straight slot machines. Commonly, they are 3 or 5-reeled and have single pay-line. The main characteristic feature of basic slots is a fixed jackpot. To win at such slots you have to:

  • Look for ones with a single pay-line, denomination of 2 coins maximum and double, even triple jackpot for certain symbol combination.
  • Pay attention to pay-table, there must be listed wild, scatter and bonus symbols that will increase your winning.
  • Find certified slot machines with denomination of 98% or 99%.
  • Play slots with the signature of a particular casino on them.

Best Strategy for Progressive Slots

If you are hunting for a big prize and are ready to take risk progressive slot machines are just for you. The main peculiarity of these slots is a common jackpot that increases each time a player inserts a coin. The amount of a jackpot is shown on the screen of a slot. The reward is growing until the winner appears or it reaches the limit set by the casino. When a jackpot is won, it starts growing again from the lowest rate. In order to win progressive jackpot:

  • Choose a progressive with the highest jackpot amount as it is like to hit soon.
  • Play the maximum coins all pay-lines because the winning combination can appear on an inactivated pay-line and you will miss your chance or be paid out less reward.
  • Be ready that progressive slots own high denomination, so your losing can be high as well.

Best Strategy for Bonus Slots

The name "Bonus" explains the main feature of this type. There are symbols, like wild, scatter and bonus ones that will increase the chance for winning. We recommend the following strategy:

  • You should take risk and make the maximum bet as payouts and symbols are frequently activated.
  • Wild symbols that have functions of scatters, a multiplier and a universal symbol, which can replace any other one, appear after the third coin or reel.
  • Look for bonus machines with a "second chance" type bonus, where you can win real money.