One Play Strategy

This type of effective strategy works best in slots which offer an equal ratio of payouts, similar to standard deviation. It is also ideal to be used in games that involve bigger amounts of jackpots. All you need to do is bet the maximum amount.

How does it work?

This strategy is relatively easier to use. For instance, if a 1 play wins the payout of 1x-3x, then you can play one more time. Similarly, if a person wins 4x then they are allowed to play an additional 3 times. If not, then a player must stop playing.


A lot of players are adamant in believing that sticking to a single strategy does not do any good in winning slots. To see what this strategy can do, you must apply it yourself rather than judging it from others view points.

Prevent continuing your game with even bets, if you feel that you are not getting enough returns from the machine. Sometimes slot machines do not give any payouts for prolonged periods of time, while sometimes the machines continually give payouts.