Loose Slot Machines

Methods of identifying loose slots have become somewhat difficult these days, due to the changes through which slot machines have undergone in the past couple of years. Nowadays, slot machines have random number generator built within a slot machine. This electronic generator utilizes RNG technology to help create exponentially large jackpots, by eliminating the loose slots in the casinos. Although, the mechanical loose slots have given way to the new RNG technology, some myths are still widely talked about.

Zigzag method

Little is known about the origin of this word; however, this method was widely used for the purpose of identifying any loose slots. Some suggest that this term originated when the players searched for the right type of slot in a zigzag fashion.

Conversely, some suggest that the players looked for some kind of a zigzag pattern in the slot's reels. Although, this strategy was widely used during the days of the mechanical slots, it has little implications in today's electronic slot machines. The payout of the slot machines that we have today works quite independently and the spins have little relation amongst themselves.

Near a door "loose slots"

This myth was based on the belief that loose slots machine were placed near the door of the casino. This was supposedly quite effective in luring new players into playing the slots. Some others suggest that the casinos placed the loose slots in areas which have greater traffic; such as in rest rooms, casino gambling tables, and the cashiers.

Although, casinos might place the loose slots machines at the busiest spots, it does not guarantee that those machines have better payouts than the other slot machines present in the casino. Remember that casinos are here to make money; therefore, do not expect overtly generous payouts from the slot machines. Personally, I would not expect any loose slot anywhere near the door, but I do believe that casinos will place the least payout slots in areas where players are more probable to play.