Japanese Pachisuro

Slot machines are undoubtedly fun to play, they also account to 70% of the casino's total income. Traditional slot machines consists of 3 or greater reels which are operated with the help or a coin. Once you pull the lever, the reels spin and stop at a particular combination. The version of these slot machines however varies from one country to another. For instance, fruit slots are called "1 armed bandits" in America, while in Japan they are referred to as "Pachisuro".

Nowadays, you will be able to find a wide array of electronic slot machines scattered across the globe. Although their functioning differs from a traditional type of slot machine, all the slots more or less work on similar principles.

The Japanese version of slots is called Pachinko, which is played in different "Pachinko Parlors". It is the older version of Japanese slots which are sometimes bought by the Americans. In the U.S the machines is fitted with new components and are sold as good as new. This ultimately results in cheaper slots for the American casino market.

The Advantages

  • The Pachislo version of slot machines is quite cheap, which is the major factor behind its popularity.
  • Relevant law in U.S constitution bans the application and use of Vegas slot machines; hence Pachislo makes an ideal alternative.
  • The Pachislo type of slot machines operation is very simple to learn than the U.S ones.

American Slots

  • The Pachislo slot versions have an LCD monitor as well as better music, lights and reels to give the player a superior gaming experience.
  • The Pachislo slots must be stopped based on skills as opposed to the American version which stops automatically.
  • The Pachislo slots have knobs as opposed to the American slot which has handles.
  • The Pachislo slots are compact than their American counterparts.