Inside a slot

"RNG" is an acronym for Random Number Generator that regulates the operation of any slot machine. Most of us had apprehended that all slot machines give certain numbers after a particular interval. For instance, the pattern of getting a $10 after every five spins.

The work of RNG

A RNG is the brain of any slot machine. Predicting the outcomes of slot machines is not humanly possible, as it is determined by the numbers generated by the RNG. These numbers are later translated into specific symbols. All kinds of slot machines have 3-5 reels consisting of some symbols. A RNG is more like a human being who makes choices after each spin is made in slot machines.

The slot machine consists of 3 or more reels which have certain symbols on them. The particular combination of symbols appearing on the reels determines the fate of the player. Winning combinations vary. For instance, a jackpot winning combination may be three seven's appearing on the reels or a single seven.

Similarly, the second prize may consist of a combination of three diamonds or merely two diamonds on each reel. The blanks and many of the other symbols do not have any real meaning or prizes associated with it. Nowadays, whatever combination wins is determined by the RNG.