Fruit Machines

As a casino player you will inevitably be welcomed by the tantalizing colors of the varying slot machines spread across a casino. However, the fruit versions are more common in the United Kingdom than they are in the U.S. No matter where they are, all of them promise a hefty jackpot to the players.

Key Operation

Unlike U.S where you will be able to find slot machines only in casinos, fruit slots can be found almost everywhere in the United Kingdom including pubs, arcades and convenience stores. The winnings are given either in the form of cash or bonus rounds, while there are approximately three, four or six reels on the machines and each reel has around 16-24 symbols. Some features inherent in the United Kingdom slots are absent in their American version.


Some of the features present in U.K based slots cannot be found in their American versions. For instance, in U.K slots a player can "hold". The "hold" feature allows the player to hold on to a particular reel or keep it in a fixed position. This has been believed to increase the chances of winning.

The player also has the option to "nudge". This gives the player the freedom to slightly change the position of these reels to make a winning combination.

An additional feature is a High/Low feature, this allows the winner to either make small cash withdrawal or continue playing the game. The effect of this feature has been scrutinized by "Fairplay Campaign". They claimed that the outcomes of this feature is somewhat fixed. Although, this claim is widely speculated, little evidence exists to back up this claim.