Australian Pokies

Slot Machine is a type of coin operated electric machine, which includes a minimum of 3 reels which rotate, provided that a lever is pulled. The payout from the machine varies with the particular combination of the symbols appearing on the machines reels.

The first slot machine was created by Charles Fey in the year 1895 in San Francisco. It was called Liberty Bell and was mainly resembled by symbols of hearts, diamonds, liberty bells etc. It was a big success in the then gaming industry. Initially, that slot machine's payout consisted of free drinks and small amounts of cash. In some circumstances, fruity chewing gums were also awarded to the winner.

Australian Slots

Better known as "pokies", this Australian version of slot was hugely successful in Australia and had the highest numbers in poker machines per person in the entire world. Relaxed regulations regarding gambling significantly boosted the number of slot machines; however, this was strongly condemned by many clergy and charitable workers.

Due to wide availability of slot machines, gambling has turned into a problem. Quick accessibility means that people get used to playing them too much and too often. If you want to seek some advice on gambling problem then you can contact a counselor to help you out. Due to these adverse affects the easy accessibility of slots are highly questioned.