American slots

Slot machines have differing names, which range from being known as fruit slots, one armed bandit to poker machines. No matter what they are called, all of them consist of 3 or more reels which you are required to spin. The reels depict certain pictures or symbols, which decides the fate of the player as well as the casino. Casinos earn approximately 70% of their income through the slot games.

History of Slots

The creation of slot is attributed to Charles Fey and it dates back to 1887 or 1895 and was then a game based on poker cards. Initially, the machines were based on 5 symbols resembling spades, hearts, horseshoes, diamonds and the liberty bell instead of the 10 cards. This simplified the winning and payout process to a great degree. This new game, quickly catapulted to success with the biggest jackpot being 50 cents. Eventually, in the year 1907 Mills Herbert developed a slot machine called "Operator Bell". Over the years, this machine was installed in cigar stores, bowling alleys, barbershops as well as saloons.

Another version of a slot machine was made by Pitt and Sittman in the year 1891, which was closely related to the ones we have today. This slot machine became a quick success and was installed in various bars. Players were also given payoffs such as, cigars or free drinks while some even gave out fruity chewing games.

Again, in the year 1963, Bally developed another variation of the slot machine, this time an electronic version named "Money Honey". This electromechanical machine gave payouts automatically and had bottomless hopper. This ultimately evolved into the electrical slots that we have today.

Ways to Play

The player is required to put a coin inside the machine or nowadays a bar code reader into the slot and then push the button to start the spin. The reels usually consist of fruits, bells, letters or numbers in both real and simulated casino. The winning combinations vary from one casino to another and some slot machines also allow the player to play with multiple hands at a time.

Since the popularity of multiple pay line slots in 1900s, various themed pay lines are now available. Some of the widely found ones are Adams Family, Dream of Genie and Happy days. Special reels depicting famous movies or characters can also be found. The payout rates vary according to the type of game in question. For instance, in the reel machines, you can win the jackpot provided that you put the maximum number of coins.