Coin Slots Strategies

"Up the Step" is a popular strategy used in slot games which involve five coins. Two key advantages of this game include the following:

  • Always bet lower amounts when you are about to lose.
  • Increase the amount of your bets when you are winning.

Things to consider

You cannot bet one coin in the 5 coin slot. You must bet a minimum of 2 coins and the maximum of 5, although most people use three coins to bet.

  • When you progress to two coin game, remain there until there are no returns.
  • There are three coins for the 1st three bets provided that you get a good start.
  • If you fail to hit in your first 3 plays, then immediately switch to the 2 coin play.

You can also make other changes; such as:

  • After betting 3 coins, if you win, then you can proceed to betting on 5 coins.
  • When you lose a 3 coin bet, then you are required to go back to two.
  • If you fall from five and then you again win at three, then you must approach for five again.
  • Refrain from betting on four, it is highly advisable that you go direct to three or a five bet.