Coin Slots Strategies

Up The Step: This is best suited for the player who wants a small amount to go a long way. In other words, if you want to play longer but with minimal amount of money. It is also used by players who want to spend smaller amounts of money while aiming at the jackpot.

Hi/Low "Up the Steps": This is a more aggressive stance to playing the slot game.

Patterns: This is a good strategy to control your losses, but it has limited use in a good game.

Chickens Strategy: This is one of the most widely accepted slot strategies.

Squirrels Strategy: This strategy requires the player to win a term in order to proceed to the next term.

Three Star Strategies

These strategies let you play at a little lower gambling rate. If you lose a particular game, you can go down one by one. Five coin based strategies are: Up The Step, Low High, Baby Steps, Play and Run and Umbrella.

Up the Step: This strategy is resembles the three coin strategy to a great extent.

Low or High Strategy: This strategy is a bit more aggressive than Up Step Strategy.

Baby Steps: This is a combination strategy which is best for the player who wants to end the game early.

Umbrella Strategy: This type of strategy is ideal for players who bet smaller amounts, but prefer to make aggressive moves.

Ladder Strategy: This strategy is somewhat similar to the Up Step, but it does not allow the player to repeat the levels.

Shotgun Strategy: Consisting of 2 steps of hitting, this strategy is meant for those who fancy shorter bets.